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Daniel Nashed


WOW - IBM Domino Mobile Apps released

Daniel Nashed  24 April 2019 01:41:00
IBM Domino Mobile Apps (IDMA) as been released today!!
It has been available in beta for quite a while in public. Now it is finally officially available in the app store!

That it is released into the normal app store is a nice surprise, because the first plans have been to release it thru the B2B app store only.

But this is making deployments so much easier!

Image:WOW - IBM Domino Mobile Apps released

The app is downloadable for free but you need a license to run it in production connected to your Domino server.

From licence point it's the same as using a Notes client. And you have to be on active subscription to use it with your Client Access License (CAL).

To get started you just install and configure it very similar to a Notes desktop client. That also means the IDMA client requires a
The best way to supply it is to have it downloaded via ID-Vault during configuration like on the Notes client.

You will need a direct NRPC (port 1352) connection to your Domino server (either directly or thru VPN).

We have been using IDMA in beta for quite a while. The first beta versions have been already impressive and it was evolving quickly.
The IDMA client is the first offering in this area. IBM and HCL are planning an Android and there are also plans for an iPhone version.

Below are the links to the app store (iPad only and you need at least iOS 11.4).

Take a look on your own. This is kind of a late Easter present :-)


Here is the link to the official documentation:

-- Daniel

US App Store

German App Store



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