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Daniel Nashed


Workshop: DNUG Deep Dive - Domino 12 Backup

Daniel Nashed  26 April 2022 12:04:57

Image:Workshop: DNUG Deep Dive - Domino 12 Backup

Again a German speaking workshop, organized by DNUG. If there will be a high demand for English, I would do it again in English.

This is a unique workshop, where participants get a ready to go Windows server configured at Hetzner with Domino 12.0.1 and Veeam Backup & Replication already pre-installed.

The installation is the boring "next, next.. wait,.." part and we directly jump into the configuration starting with Domino in the practical part.
I found a way to have pre-installed Windows servers clonable at Hetzner. Which give us a very easy to use via RDP lab environment.

But we will also look into all the details of the Domino backup application with information about how to integrate with other backup applications.

Veeam is one of the applications used as an example integration. But the workshop is also interesting if you are not using Veeam.

Agenda and a link to register are on the DNUG website:

As always I am having a lot of fun preparing the lab. it will be similar prepared than the Linux labs we had at earlier workshops.

If you have questions, drop me a mail or comment.

-- Daniel



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