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Daniel Nashed

Why can’t Windows update be like Linux update ..

Daniel Nashed – 18 March 2022 11:16:24

Image:Why can’t Windows update be like Linux update ..

Most of you know, that I am a big Linux fan. There are many reasons to look into Linux -- One of them is much easier updating for sure!
Sadly my work machines have to be Windows and it is always a painful process to install updates. They know why they let your computer wake up at night and install over night...

Linux Update

For Linux it is a single command to update all packages and you might need to restart once -- if at all.
I have configured automatic updates on all my production machines and just get a notification e-mail from yum once anything is updated.

And even updating it manually is dramatically easier a single "yum/dnf/zypper/.. update" would update all your packages automatically.

Most of the times it is taking just 1-2 minutes for the whole update.

Windows Update

On my high power CPU workstation I am stuck at 74% since 30 min for a single patch on Windows...

I would never run any production Domino server hosted or locally on Windows.
And I don't see why admins choose Windows if they can use Linux.
Linux powers the internet for many years for good reasons!

What are your experiences with Windows updates on clients and servers?

I go with SUSE like in this Live Patching fun video and save my time and energy for better things that Windows ..

Fun fact
Did you know? Microsoft seconds are longer than Microsoft minutes.
And I think I have an idea why they use % for installers instead of minutes and seconds any more ..

Still stuck at 74% with high CPU load after finishing this blog post ...



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