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Daniel Nashed


Weekend Project "Domino on Docker Update"

Daniel Nashed  13 April 2019 19:09:53
There are a couple of updates pending for the offical IBM Docker project -->
  • Support for 10.0.1 FP1
  • Support for Domino Community Edition
  • Preparation for supporting add-on products like "Traveler", "VOP", "AppDevPack" and later maybe "Sametime"
  • Making software downloads more reliable and provide better error checking
  • Install Log checking for installed software
  • Official implementation of the Domino on Dock management script.

The main challenge is proper version support without having multiple dockerfiles.
So I am working on a way to have the version tags and the installation files outside the dockerfile.

Lables and variables can be passed to the docker build command and overrwrite default settings.

Every FP will be an own full image installed on top of centos/latest.
Add-on products or customized versions are always installed as an own layer .

We discussed this week about having multiple layers like "10.0.1 -> 10.0.1 FP1 --> 10.0.1 FP1 IF1 but that would make image management more difficult for admins.

The build script could take care of building a "10.0.1" image before building a 10.0.1 FP1 image that is based on the other image.

But there isn't much benefit, beside a bit space reduction.

The add-on products and customization will have a separate layer and will use the current Domino image. For example Domino --> Traveler.

Does this make sense for you?  I first also thought that having the different versions build on each other would make sense. But we don't see the benefits. What do you think?

There will be a new file "software.txt" containing version numbers, download-file names and hashes.

Filenames of the downloads are the biggest challenge. The community edition, for example, has complete different filenames...

This map and download file will allow specifying versions without adding the download filename in the dockerfile or in the build file.

The community edition will be installed as a different product "DOMINO_CE" instead of "DOMINO" because also the FPs have different names and hashes ..
And of course, the directories inside the extracted software tar have a different directory structure (e.g. linux64/DominoEval/.. ).
The guys building it, have no idea how we are using it.

But I think I figured out a good way to organize versioning :-)

The new version will be also prepared for upcoming Interims Fixed and Hotfixes.

And I will propably also add JVM patches in the next step.

There is also a management and customization script to configure, build, run, mange, update Domino Docker containers.

-- Daniel



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