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Daniel Nashed


    VIEW_REBUILD_DIR changed to /dev/shm/view_rebuild

    Daniel Nashed  14 November 2017 13:35:22
    We just discovered an interesting configuration issue, which generates quite some logging and is a bit annoying.
    When you specify the view_rebuild_dir without the trailing slash / back-slash, the server will internally append the slash.

    But if you configured the view_rebuild_dir in the config document without the (back) slash the server will tell you every couple of minutes that the server changed the setting.

    This happens why the internal path is always stored with the trailing (back) slash and the notes.ini check to update the parameter compares against the config doc entry without the (back) slash.

    VIEW_REBUILD_DIR changed to /dev/shm/view_rebuild

    So you have a constant changing parameter -- even it looks the same in the notes.ini

    The correct notes.ini entry would be

    VIEW_REBUILD_DIR changed to /dev/shm/view_rebuild/

    including the trailing slash.

    This avoids the log messages.

    -- Daniel



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