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Daniel Nashed

Using Containers for software testing

Daniel Nashed – 5 May 2024 15:27:50

Using Containers for software testing

Containers are great to deploy software and also to test container images before deploying them.
But sometimes you want to just install software manually inside a "sandbox".
On Windows the Sandbox is a great way to test. On Linux you can just run a container.

In my current test case I am using a Redhat UBI Init image, which provides systemd support.
Usually systemd isn't what would be the right choice for a container image.
Containers usually run a single application/process and a entrypoint script is the right choice.

But for testing a container with systemd is an interesting option.
It requires a privileged container to support systemd -- which should be avoided for production environments.
For testing this is perfectly OK.

Run a new container

docker run -d --name init --privileged

Jump into the container

docker exec -it init bash

In my case I amend to end testing Domino installations.
I have updated the Domino native install script to work in this environment.
But there are many different use cases.

curl -sL | bash -



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