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Daniel Nashed

Update on iOS 4.0 Traveler Timing

Daniel Nashed – 29 June 2010 00:20:35

I blogged about the changed timing for iOS 4.0 last week -->
The information I have posted was darft and the first approach. But it turned out that the short timeout interval does not work well with ActiveSync or at least with Traveler.

IBM requested from Apple information how to change the timeout values back to the pre-iOS4 settings.
There is a profile that can be used to push the changed sync timeout values to the iOS4 device.

You should switch to this approach because it works better for iOS 4 devices and you should change the settings from the last posting back to the original.
On 8.5.1 you can keep the default as it was before the recommended change. On 8.5.2 you also have to revert to the previous settings.

To update your iPhone running iOS4 you need to download a profile in an upcoming Technote #4027190 "Recommendations if using an Apple iOS 4 device with Lotus Notes Traveler" and follow the install it. You have to restart your iPhone and in some cases even remove the ActiveSync profile.

The technote is about to be released shortly.

Update 29.06.2010, 9:30
Apple has a brand new support technote describing the same issue and they also published the profile to change the settings.
See this Apple technote for details -->

-- Daniel



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