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Daniel Nashed

Unix/Linux Start Script Update for high CPU issue

Daniel Nashed – 10 April 2012 10:19:09

There was an issue that in some cases when the monitor command was running and the shell was closed, the script could not catch the dead text file caused by the shell.
I have changed the trap events and now I hopefully trap all signals that could occur.
We got this problem only on some platforms. And I cannot test on all different versions of Linux.
I hope this change resolves all cases. If not send me your feedback.

You can request the new version on the start script homepage.

-- Daniel

V2.4 10.04.2012

Problems Solved
Solved an issue when closing a terminal window while the monitor was running.
With some OS releases and some shells this caused that the script did not terminate due to issues in the shell.
This could lead to high CPU usage (100% for one core) for the script because the loop did not terminate.
The change to catch more events from the shell should resolve this issue.
If you still run into problems in this area, please send feedback.



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