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Daniel Nashed


    TrendMicro Virus Scanner Support for Domino 11

    Daniel Nashed  25 June 2020 11:12:17
    We had the question for AIX a while ago and it was more difficult because the version for AIX is a different implementation.

    But for Windows and Linux there is an official support statement as well.
    My customer sent me a different link not showing Domino 11 support.

    But my contact had the correct link:

    Not having anti-virus or backup supported for a new Domino version, can be a big road blocked for upgrades.
    In this case, Trend did already do the verification.

    There are no back-end API changes that should not make it work.
    But there are changes in Domino 11 like removing the IBM GSkit and replacing it with OpenSSL components and internal crypto, could theoretically have impact.
    So they need to test the code again on Domino 11.

    We had the same questions for IBM TDP/Spectrum Protect, which is also supported on Domino 11 since a while!
    Actually the development team was happy that IBM GSKit was removed, because they had an compatibility issue with it. TDP is also using it.

    If you have other software that is not Domino 11 ready and this is a road blocker, I would be interested to hear...

    -- Daniel



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