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Daniel Nashed

Traveler Performance Issue iOS 5

Daniel Nashed – 10 November 2011 08:14:10

Traveler with the latest fixpacks installed supports iOS5. Only the new functionality introduced with iOS5 are currently not supported and does not work yet.
After the first larger customers migrated it turned out that this new functionality causes performance (high CPU on Traveler server, shorter battery life for the Apple device) issues with Traveler when enabled.

IBM is working on a fix for this issue and we can expect a fix delivered soon.

In the meantime you should avoid the following new functionality:

1. Mail flagged (known as Domino Follow up).
2. Creating, renaming, moving and deleting folders on the Apple device.
3. Reminders (known as Domino To Do).

IBM will update the TN with information about the fix once it has been released.

-- Daniel



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