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Daniel Nashed

Traveler Documentation 8.5.3

Daniel Nashed – 2 November 2011 14:29:21

Since 8.5.2 the documentation for Traveler moved from the IBM Info center to the Domino Wiki which IMHO was a good move.
Most product documentation for all "Lotus" product are available in a central place and there is a mobilized version available.

But this did not solve the problem that we can take the documentation offline or print it if needed.

The Traveler team did a great job documenting all the details. This even includes troubleshooting tips.

Beside the documentation referenced when you install Traveler which points to the Domino Wiki there is a HTML version of the complete documentation.
In case you did not see it, you should check it out. The HTML based documentation is available since 8.5.2 and here is the link to the 8.5.3 version 

-- Daniel



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