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Daniel Nashed


Traveler shipped

Daniel Nashed  16 January 2016 14:23:21
Traveler is the first update shipped this year.

It comes with a number of fixes. See details here -->

And it solves an important issue for Traveler HA Servers. There is a technote describing the issue in detail and you should have a look into the new command introduced in this version as soon you have updated your servers.

The following TN #1974741 "Two scenarios where multiple accounts for users could be created on an IBM Traveler server HA pool" explains the new command and problem situation that might occur.

Have a look into the TN if you are running Traveler HA -->

There are two new "features" introduced with Traveler

- Calendar Ghosting (which was added in is enabled by default for IBM Verse clients starting in release  

- And the new "DbAccountsCheck" which can be used to diag and fix the problem described in the TN mentioned above.


1Andreas Preiß  18.01.2016 10:31:39  Traveler shipped

Hallo Daniel,

korrekt, aber scheinbar gibt es ein Problem mit dem Download des Fixes.

Die Abfrage der Version und des OS klappt noch, dann verläuft die "Bestellung" des Packages im Sande.

Auch der Link aus der IBM Notification schlägt fehl.

Viele Grüße


2Daniel Nashed  19.01.2016 8:44:40  Traveler shipped

@Andreas, download worked for me. Just downloaded the windows version one minute ago from fix central.

3Isaac  25.01.2016 18:06:54  Traveler shipped

I got complains from many users that the UI in their android devices changed to English after updating the traveler version from google store. Instead the local languages, it become default English interface. does anyone has it too?

4Daniel#2  27.01.2016 8:30:49  Traveler shipped

Apple requires signed certificates to support Apple Push

Notification Services (APNS) with any device application. They

only provide certificates that are valid for one year. The

current APNS certificates for the IBM Verse application will

expire on 20160226. These new certificates are valid for one

calendar year.

Note we will attempt to ship certificates every 6 months in the

future to allow plenty of overlap time.

{ Link }



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