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Daniel Nashed


Traveler shipped

Daniel Nashed  16 January 2016 14:23:21
Traveler is the first update shipped this year.

It comes with a number of fixes. See details here -->

And it solves an important issue for Traveler HA Servers. There is a technote describing the issue in detail and you should have a look into the new command introduced in this version as soon you have updated your servers.

The following TN #1974741 "Two scenarios where multiple accounts for users could be created on an IBM Traveler server HA pool" explains the new command and problem situation that might occur.

Have a look into the TN if you are running Traveler HA -->

There are two new "features" introduced with Traveler

- Calendar Ghosting (which was added in is enabled by default for IBM Verse clients starting in release  

- And the new "DbAccountsCheck" which can be used to diag and fix the problem described in the TN mentioned above.



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