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Daniel Nashed


Traveler released -- Isuses with older companion app

Daniel Nashed  1 March 2012 13:18:20

Traveler ( aka FP2) has been released.

A couple of issues have been fixed in this FP. See details here

This fixpack is also needed to use the new companion app version 2.0.5.
A couple of customer updated their companion app to 2.0.5 could not read encrypted email any more.
The new Traveler version did solve this problem. IBM is still investigating.

Also there is some new functionality in the new companion app in combination with the new Traveler release.
You can now control if the user can export the message and if the companion app only works with trusted certs.

See details here ->

Probably when introducing this new functionality some compatibility issue with earlier releases has been introduced.
The documentation says that if you use this new functionality you need to update your companion app.
But it looks like something went wrong in this area.

Updating the companion app to 2.0.5 should solve the issue.

I had also some issues with intermittent sync problems after the update but that might be related to my installation -- still testing.

--- Update 06.02.2012 ---

my sync issues are solved. it turned out that my Android device needed a full sync and that the full sync blocked sync for my iPhone and iPad with the same user.
this works as designed and if I would not have stopped the Android device syncing, the problem would have gone away earlier.

the second update is that it turned out that the customers reporting companion app problems had turned on session based authentication.
smartphones and the companion app cannot handle forms based authentication properly and need basic authorization headers!
you have to setup basic authenication for all Traveler servers that do not use secure reverse proxy.
in the case of a reverse proxy the proxy handles the authentication and uses basic authentication.
that authentication is forwarded to the Traveler server and depending on the proxy it makes sense to use multi server authentication to reduce the overhead for the session.

when switching to basic authentication the companion app worked again.

-- Daniel

Here is the documentation page for the update.



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