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Daniel Nashed


Traveler 11.0.0 released

Daniel Nashed  25 December 2019 22:44:38

Traveler 11 has been released along with Domino 11.

But this doesn't mean that you need wait for your Domino 11 upgrade plan to deploy Traveler 11.

Traveler 11 is not just a feature release, but also the next version containing all the fixes (see link below).

You can run Traveler 11 on Domino 10 and even Domino 9!
The Traveler team made sure it works on all those supported Domino releases!

Quote form the official Traveler recommended release information:

"There is one single maintenance stream being supported. This single release, including, can be installed and run on any supported level of Domino server.
To obtain the latest features and customer fixes it is required to be at this latest Traveler level.
The one release model is necessary to keep pace with an extremely fast moving mobile market place and will allow all customers to stay current with the latest features and fixes for mobile devices."

The Traveler team has done an amazing job again to make it work on all those releases.

The installer takes care installing the right components. But this means the installer has to figure out about your installed version!

In some cases this causes issues, for example when you just installed your Domino server and have not configured it (we ran into this with the Docker installation and had to manually set the Domino version in the silent install properties file).

But in general this works great and does exactly what we expect!

You should be always on one of the latest Domino FPs to run a later Traveler version (currently 9.0.1 FP10 and 10.0.1 FP3).

There are really differences between the Domino releases. Domino 11 comes with a new JVM the Open JDK and doesn't have the IBM GKit. Instead the OpenSSL Libs are used.

So Traveler has to really completely install different code!

There have been some interesting feature updates we have waited for:

ActiveSync 16 support which provides support for

- Draft Folder Sync

- Meetings with more than 24 hours (that also requires Notes/Domino to support it)

- Attachments in Calendar Documents

And along with that also APNS HTTP/2 support which will be finally needed end of November 2020, when HTTP will be discontinued by Apple for APNS.

But it makes a lot of sense to switch today for performance improvements!

To have ActiveSync 16 enabled for a native iOS mail client, you need to resync.

In my tests that worked by resetting the device on Traveler level and have it resynced.
The easiest way to check on a device, that ActiveSync is used, is the filled Draft folder.

For other clients like SecurePIM additional settings are needed on Traveler side to enable it, once ActiveSync 16 supported.
Virtual Solution is working on Traveler 11 support already since beta 2. But there is no official statement yet.

Those a the two mainly supported ActiveSync clients. The Verse client is leveraging SyncML.
If you are using an ActiveSync client from another vendor, you have to have support thru them and have to check with them.

They would need to provide you the Traveler settings to allow ActiveSync 16 support.
By default it is only enabled for native iOS mail.

Here is the documentation for Traveler 11 for details.

I already updated during the beta phase and have updated to the GA version when it came out.

Also Traveler 11 is part of the Domino on Docker project already since the beta and has been updated to the 11.0.0 GA version (currently in the develop branch).

-- Daniel

Traveler Server Release Documentation

System requirements for Traveler 11.0.x and Traveler 10.0.x



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