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Daniel Nashed


T-Mobile Multi-SIM SMS Focus Toggeling

Daniel Nashed  26 September 2009 19:31:33

Now that I have switched completely to T-Mobile I have 3 SIM cards -- all with the same mobile phone number in the same contract with the same invoice and conditions.
You can get up to two additional Multi-SIM cards for 30 Euro each which allow to use up to three devices at the same time.
You can surf in the internet, receive a call and have one additional outgoing call all at the same time.
The only limits is SMS. You can only send and receive short messages on one SIM card.

But you can switch the focus for sending and receiving SMS to another device.
You only have to dial the GSM code *222# wich will switch the focus for sending and receiving SMS to the current SIM card and device.

This GMS code is quite undocumented (even customers asked for it at the hotline did not get this information) but very helpful in case you are a T-Mobile Multi-SIM card user.

-- Daniel



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