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Daniel Nashed

SUSE Leap update to a new service pack 15.4

Daniel Nashed – 25 July 2022 07:46:41

In contrast to Redhat based systems with yum/dnf, SUSE updates are only happening inside the current service pack.
A zypper update only brings you to the latest updates within a service pack.

But if you skim the update instructions it boils down to the following commands, which I performed today to bring my server from SP3 to SP4.

1. Bring your server to the latest patches for your current service pack and reboot:

zypper update

2. Swich to the new repositories

zypper --releasever=15.4 refresh

3. Update to service pack 4

zypper --releasever=15.4 dup

4. Final reboot


5. Check Linux version

cat /etc/os-release

Of course you should backup and check if you have any special conditions required for applications installed.
But for a standard server this should be the required steps needed.

Oh the hole process just takes a couple of minutes and the first reboot was needed, because the kernel changed.



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