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Daniel Nashed

SUSE Leap @ Hetzner

Daniel Nashed – 6 June 2022 04:44:28

CentOS Stream 9 is an awesome Linux distribution.
But it still has no good ZFS support. And there are also other benefits using SUSE.

Sadly Hetzner does not allow to create virtual servers using SUSE Leap.

But they added the DVD ISO image for SUSE Leap 15.3.

You can just boot from the ISO and install your server on your own...

Works like a charm.. I just have to redo it, because I missed up ZFS and btrfs snapshots ..

Hetzner does some really cool things. They use DHCP and usually Linux and also Windows comes up with the right IP address configured.

Even if you attach a private network, the network is automatically detected.

The other DNUG Lab server is using Podman. SUSE Leap comes with Docker.

-- Daniel

Image:SUSE Leap @ Hetzner



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