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Daniel Nashed

Specifiying Notes.ini .location via =

Daniel Nashed – 19 May 2020 20:56:37

The syntax of specifying the notes.ini via =/local/notesdata/notes.ini is a cross platform feature I was aware of.
But I didn't know how deep this is hooked into the Notes/Domino code.

For the Domino core server tasks and client programs this is build-in by skipping the parameter when it starts with a =
And the core takes automatically care of it.

I will update all my applications step by step to skip parameters starting with a " = "
This enables to from any directory where it finds the binary and also the Notes dll/libs.
So you don't have to be in the data directory and could just run from any location.
Also when you build applications that call Notes binaries like the kyrtool you can specify the notes.ini with his notation.

So nothing completely new for us using this functionality. But important for C-API developers to just skip the parameter to support this functionality.
Just added it to one of my latest projects...

-- Daniel

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