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Daniel Nashed


    Solution for Notes/Domino related process is still running when applying a Fixpack or Hotfix

    Daniel Nashed  25 March 2015 06:53:44
    The problem came up a couple of times and the solution seems still hard to find even it is listed in Kbase.

    When you try to install a fixpack or hotfix the installer reports that "Notes/Domino related process is still running" even Domino and NSD Service is stopped.
    It looks like that when the Notes statistics are registered on OS level the  "Windows Management Instrumentation Service" (short WMI Service) keeps Notes DLLs blocked.

    The workaround is to stop the "Windows Management Instrumentation Service" Service before starting the installation.
    This should solve the problem in most of the cases.

    If that does not help for other reasons my approach is to rename the Domino program directory, restart the server and rename it back before starting the installation.

    -- Daniel



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