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Daniel Nashed


Shuttting down a Traveler Server

Daniel Nashed  13 October 2010 06:03:38

When you shutdown the HTTP on a Traveler server the HTTP task might take a while to shutdown because the Traveler servlet might have many active connections.
In normal cases when you shutdown your server completely the Traveler servertask will receive an even at the same time and tell the Traveler servlet to stop processing requests and let HTTP shutdown cleanly.
Due to timing issues this might not work in all cases. So if you want to shutdown your HTTP task or if you want to shutdown your Domino server hosting your Traveler server more quickly it could make sense to stop the Traveler task before stopping the HTTP task or shutting down the Domino server.

In case you are working with a batch to shutdown the Windows service you could invoke nserver -c "tell traveler quit" followed by a 20 to 30 second wait time before using "net stop Lotus Domino Server...".
I am currently thinking about adding an option to my Domino start/stop script for Linux to have this command issued before shutdown.
What do you think? Would this helpful for Traveler on Linux?

-- Daniel


1Jens Bruntt  13.10.2010 8:05:28  Yes please

Please add such an option to your script. I would definately use it.

if you need a tester, I will be glad to help.

2Danisoft  13.10.2010 8:15:19  Shuttting down a Traveler Server

"tell traveler shutdown" is better than "quit"

3Daniel Nashed  13.10.2010 8:43:34  Shuttting down a Traveler Server


it depends what you want. if you want to bring down the server and just want to ensure that the server comes down quicky I would use a "quit"

here is the difference as explained by one of the Traveler developers

-- Daniel

tell traveler shutdown # This will prevent new users for connecting to traveler and will wait until current users are done syncing

tell traveler quit # If you are more impatient, just tell the traveler task to quit. Can also be used after shutdown is done if needed

4Danisoft  13.10.2010 9:32:23  Shuttting down a Traveler Server


When I use the command tell traveler quit ", the HTTP task does not stop quickly, so a restart is very slow, depending on the connected users. However, with the shutdown parameter, then HTTP task stop quickly.


5Daniel Nashed  13.10.2010 16:32:02  Shuttting down a Traveler Server


from what understood "shutdown" is the more recommended way because it cleanly waits for connections to finish but "quit" should be the faster way from what I understand from the dicussions with the Traveler team.

do you have some numbers for inititating the shutdwon both ways? how long does it take? for how many users?

-- Daniel



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