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Daniel Nashed


Shortcut Key Issue Notes Client 10.0.1 G1 Languages - Download on hold

Daniel Nashed  6 February 2019 18:34:21
There is a critical issue with the standard client and G1 languages that have just been released yesterday.
According to this technote the issue is under investigation and the download as have been stopped for now.

That's all info I have right now ..

-- Daniel

Shortcut Key issue impacting Notes Client 10.0.1 Group 1 Language release

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An defect is under investigation with the Notes 10.0.1 Standard client language releases impacting keyboard shortcut keys that are improperly mapped. While the issue is under investigation, these kits have been put on hold from All IBM Download sites to minimize the impact to customers. This document will be updated as we progress.

IBM has received reports and has confirmed an issue in Notes Standard language kits where keyboard shortcuts are not working as expected / mapped to incorrect key combination for that language. Since keyboard shortcuts are a very basic operation, the below kits have been put on hold while we investigate the issue.



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