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Daniel Nashed

Running Traveler 14 on Windows 11 for testing

Daniel Nashed – 8 January 2024 09:25:08

The Windows desktop versions are completely untested and unsupported for Domino servers and add products.
It is not recommended to run any Domino software in production on Windows desktop!

There are still a couple of scenarios where Windows desktop can be relevant.
For example a local notebook installation, a training environment or the Windows Sandbox -- which is also a Windows desktop environment.

Domino 14.0 changed the installer to prompt to confirm the unsupported Windows version.
But the installer continues to work with Windows 11 after you confirmed the message.

As a German partner discovered last week, Traveler 14.0 doesn't install on Windows 11.
InstallAnywhere runs into an error:

Windows DLL failed to load during Installation

Windows 10 works unchanged. The issue starts with Windows 11.

We found the solution in another vendors knowledge. This isn't just a Traveler issue.
The solution was to explicitly set the detected OS target before launching the installer:


Again this doesn't make it supported, but could help in lab, training and test environments.

-- Daniel



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