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Daniel Nashed


Running docker remotely

Daniel Nashed  28 April 2022 21:19:16

This is quite cool! Docker client and server can be on different machines.
There was recently an exploit when you use TCP/IP connections.

But there are a lot of other options. In my case a SSH connection made sense.

My old macbook can't run a current Docker host. But I wanted to use it at least to test all my scripts.
I downloaded the latest docker client and configured a remote connection.

This allows to test all my scripts on my old macbook, running the build process on a remote machine.
You just need to configure a SSH key, add your remote user to the "docker" group and with a simple export, I tell my macbook where my Docker host is located.

export DOCKER_HOST=ssh://notes@

This is very helpful in my case and can also be helpful if you want to run Docker commands from your local machine to a remote hosted server.

See the Docker documentation for details -->

-- Daniel



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