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Daniel Nashed


    Replacing GNU Debugger with gdb-minimal package for Domino to avoid python dependencies

    Daniel Nashed  24 March 2024 09:56:01

    Domino on Linux leverages the GNU debugger (gdb). Over time the project got a lot of extra dependencies.

    The container image moved from the full "gdp" packages to the "gdb-minimal" package w while ago.

    The benefit is not only less storage, but it also comes with far less dependencies.
    For example python is a dependency for the full "gdb".

    If your Linux machine already has those packages installed, there is no difference.

    But if you are trying to reduce the packages installed and the exposure to CVEs, installing gdb-minimal would be a good idea.

    After you installed it, you also need to set a symbolic link to the original location where Domino's NSD expects it to be located.

    When you build the container image on a platform that does not have python installed, it will not be installed when building the container image.
    For example UBI minimal does not include it by default.


    yum install -y gdb-minimal

    ln -s /usr/bin/gdb.minimal /usr/bin/gdb



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