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Daniel Nashed


    rclone - rsync like tool that works on different platforms with multiple back-ends

    Daniel Nashed  19 December 2019 09:06:18
    While looking into additional integration points for my backup project, I was looking for a rsync like solution for Windows.
    On Linux rsync is the defacto standard. But on Windows, there isn't a native implementation I would use.

    But I ran into a very interesting project

    rclone is available for many platforms including Windows and beside sftp and the file-system source and destinations it also provides many other connectors including S3.

    Depending on the backup method used for the Domino NSF/NTF data and the OS, I might need a way to sync the remaining part of the data directory to a backup location.

    With rclone you could use a command-line like this, to sync all your remaining data in the data directory once per day to a backup location.

    rclone.exe sync d:\notesdata b:\backup\domino --ignore-case --local-no-check-updated --exclude "*.{ns*,ntf,box,lck}" --exclude "*.{ft}/**" -v  -v --log-file sync.log

    It will also sync deletions allows to use it in many different ways to integrate, depending on your backup strategy.
    A delta sync is very efficient and fast!

    So rclone will be one of the first choices a an integration component. And I might even use it for other backup requirements for data on my own notebook.

    -- Daniel



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