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Daniel Nashed


    Providers start offering Rocky Linux and other CentOS clones

    Daniel Nashed  20 August 2021 11:45:25

    There has been a lot of discussion about the Redhat move from CentOS 8 to CentOS 8 Stream.
    I personally don't see this as a good move to get a stable platform with more current software.

    CentOS Stream is what becomes the next CentOS dot release. So I really don't understand the big buzz around it.

    But there are two alternative projects that you would logically move to.
    And it might also depend on what your provider offers. Alma Linux and Rocky Linux are both good candidates.

    But you could also move to RHEL if you only need a small number of servers. Redhat provides free licenses for development.

    When you are coming from CentOS moving to Debian, Ubuntu or other distributions with a different packet manager, might not be a smart move.
    And even HCL lowered the bar for a best effort support environment, if you run into Nash!Com Domino on Linux start script issues with Ubuntu or Debian I will not help you.
    I can't take the time to install and deal with all the different environments and those platforms are rarely used for Domino and IMHO not a good idea for Domino native.

    Linux is not Linux and there are a lot of differences! Stay on Louisana highway unless you have very special requirements and know what you do!

    SLES and SUSE Leap are also good candidates for Domino. Actually everything we looked into as a based image for our Domino Docker project is a good candidate.
    Which also includes the Photon OS from VMware I blogged about recently.

    No and I would not use Oracle Linux for various reasons ..

    -- Daniel

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