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Daniel Nashed


    Policy to Push ST Server and SSO still broken in 8.5.1 for Standard Client

    Daniel Nashed  23 October 2009 17:09:21

    If you use ST in the client there is a very convenient setting for SSO. You just specify the ST server and enable SSO

    (the Notes client uses the Notes Certificate and a NRPC session to the ST Sever to get a LTPA token to authenticate via ST afterwards).

    There are separate policy settings for the basic client and the standard client.

    The settings (see screen print) for the basic client work fine in 8.5.1 but the settings for the standard client do not work yet.

    This was a known issue which should have been fixed in 8.5.1.

    I have opened a PMR for this issue and got a new SPR
    "SPR SWSN7VCBB8 - Desktop policy: Instant Messaging using SSO setting didn't work"

    Because other PMRs are referring to earlier SPRs that should have been fixed according to support I am the first customer reporting this issue.
    That means the SPR has a low weight and might not get on the list for 8.5.2 or a fixpack.

    In my customer case this is almost a deployment blocker for their CTI and ST environment. (because they have to configure every client manually).

    So if this policy setting is important for you or your customers, you might want to open a PMR referencing the SPR and my PMR 65444,SGC,724.

    If you open a PMR feel free to send me a mail offline. I am currently trying to build a work-around with support using Lotus Script to set the right plugin properties.
    Once I got it working I am happy to share it offline.

    -- Daniel



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