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Daniel Nashed

Planned Domino 9 SLES 12 Support

Daniel Nashed – 30 January 2015 23:25:38
The question for SLES 12 has been raised during IIBM ConnectED. There is an issue with Domino on SLES 12 and SLES 12 is not currently supported (in contrast with RHEL 7).

There is a SPR # YXYX9RA56Z "Error - Unable to Bind port 443 or 80" on SUSE12.

I have checked in the Lab and got a similar info than what has been posted before on the web:
"There is a known issue with SLES 12 where bindsock has issues. Before we can support SLES 12 and any other newer kernel with this issue, we will have to identify the issue and get it fixed - bindsock and it's code has never changed in this area so the issue is a change in behavior in the kernel".

So for now you should not try to run Domino on SLES 12. It's not just not supported yet but it also it doesn't work yet.

There is a chance in the kernel that SLES 12 that causes the bindsock operation to fail.

Some  background: Ports below 1024 are restricted and need root permission. Bindsock has the sticky bit set, runs with root permission and is used to allow Domino to use ports like HTTPS, SMTP and all other restricted ports.
The way that Domino implements this does not work on the current kernel any more.

IBM is working on it closely with Novell and the following is the official statement from IBM about it:

"We intend to support SLES12, just as we have supported every other SLES support. Our current goal is to add support with 9.0.1 FP4. We are working with the vendor to identify root cause of an intermittent bindsock issue we found during testing that is currently preventing us from supporting this version."



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