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Daniel Nashed

Passthru server replication needs Domino 12.0.2 FP1

Daniel Nashed – 18 April 2023 06:45:49
As I mentioned earlier, there is a known issue in passthru connections on encrypted ports.
The problem is caused by a regression in the network layer and you would need to update the receiving side to resolve the problem.

One of my customers hit this when deploying Domino 12.0.1. And we really narrowed it down to a change in 11.0.
My customer stayed on the last 10.0.1 FP until this was resolved.

In general I would not recommend using passthru for large scale replication. But in general it works well with this fix applied, if you really need Passthru for security reasons (IP and application layer control in your DMZ etc).

Here are the details for the SPR from the public fixlist database:

SPR # SMOYCGHD6Z / 12.0.2 FP1 Regression in 11.0
Fixed an issue where replication would be slow and eventually fail with message "Network error: buffer was too small" when port encryption on the passthru server.

-- Daniel



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