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Daniel Nashed

Open Preview collapsed when opening a mailfile for the first time

Daniel Nashed – 16 December 2018 10:51:40
This isn't a new tip but there have been fixes in 10.0.0.
The parameter did not work correctly in all situations. I never ran into issues but according to fixlist there have been some issues.

The parameter is very helpful on admin clients when admins are opening user's mailfiles for support purposes.
In those cases the preview could for example cause that the first document in focus would be marked as read.

So notes.ini ShowPreviewCollapsedInitially=1 would make a lot of sense on our admin clients.

-- Daniel

SPR# MWID7LWRJ7 - Fixed an issue where the ini ShowPreviewCollapsedInitially=1 would not honor all cases of collapsing the preview pane in the mail inbox.
Now this ini can be pushed out via policy and handle all cases for primary user or mail file delegate.



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