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Daniel Nashed

Notes/Domino 14.0FP1 released -- What’s new?

Daniel Nashed – 16 April 2024 20:53:23

The What's New section of AutoNotify doesn't show up until you update to Domino 14.0 FP1.

This is actually one of the improvements in the AutoNotifiy back end code in 14.0 FP1
There are a couple of fit & finish changes in AutoUpdate as well.

The software.json data has been improved to use dynamic categories and can distinct different client types.
Beside that there is a brand new AUT Catalog integration to automatically push client web-kits directly to autocat.nsf.

No more Metadata XML to download or manual attach. Configure it once to get web-kits automatically pushed to autcat.nsf.

Along with those autoupdate enhancements, there are also DAOS improvements.
This is the first time HCL added features in a Fixpack.

If you want to hear about details about AutoUpdate including Domino 14.0 FP1 enhancements join me at Engage in my session next week.

If you can't wait for Engage, here is a link to the documentation -->
My session will go into much more detail and explain the new functionality.

-- Daniel

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