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Daniel Nashed


Notes on Ubuntu

Daniel Nashed  11 March 2009 22:24:19

Yesterday I had a discussion about Notes 8.5 on Ubuntu. I really rocks but you should really ensure that you start on Ubuntu 8.0.4 LTS (long term support) 32bit.
There are some issues with Ununtu 8.10 and it is basically not supported. We got it fully running with some tricks and some help with some a Linux team within IBM but you should really stay on the current supported Ubuntu 8.0.4 LTS.
Using Ubuntu 64bit as some more issues and it is quite complicated to get it running because you have to manually install the 32bit compatibility libs and also change some other details (and it is totally unsupported).

We have it running productive but if you can say on the fully supported version. On SLED it is far easier to get it running because SLED installs 32bit compat libs automatically and it just works. But I still prefer to run the Notes client on Ubuntu ;-)

I have posted my slides from Lotusphere with very detailed information how to install it (

-- Daniel



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