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Daniel Nashed


Notes Client/Windows Crash with Windows 10 Creators update

Daniel Nashed  3 June 2017 16:36:03
Just got that question today at DNUG. There is an issue with the Notes Client with the current Windows 10 Update - aka Creators Update (Build 1703).

According to the responsible person who is at DNUG today, this happens because of changed Windows graphics APIs.
IBM is working on a fix which will be available in FP9.

FP9 will also have full High Resolution support! We saw a demo with FP9 which really looked great!

Here are the two relevant SPRs:

SPR LHEYALMCEP : Domino Designer crashes the OS after Windows 10 Creators update [For Designer BSOD issue]
SPR AYAVALMCJK : Windows 10 Creators update and OS crashes while using Notes/Designer

IBM said that you should remove the following registry setting to avoid the blue screen after the Notes Client start.
(Updated: By mistake I wrote notes.ini parameter but correct is registry setting which might not exist).

-- snip --

Delete this registry entry and the crash should go away

PageHeapFlags, VerifierFlags from
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\notes.exe  

-- snip --

Ram also said that the problem is not impacting all configurations and the other bug is not happening very often.

So I hope that if you updated your Windows 10 environment already, your are not running into this issue or the temporary work-around helps you.

Another Update I got in comments  of my posts is that this happened often with customized welcome pages.

Note: I updated the blog post and got a replication/save conflict. So I deleted and added the post again because the blog template does not like replication/save conflicts.
Some comments might be lost but I added them to the post anyway. Thanks for your feedback!

--. Daniel

1Markus Schulmeister  01.06.2017 14:52:03  Notes Client/Windows Crash with Windows 10 Creators update

Gibt es schon ein ca. Release-Datum für FP9?

2Oliver Regelmann  02.06.2017 6:52:22  Notes Client/Windows Crash with Windows 10 Creators update

FYI: we have narrowed this issue down to clients where the user has configured a customized welcome page. When this is changed to the default the crashes don't occur.

3Marcus Kremers  02.06.2017 7:24:06  Notes Client/Windows Crash with Windows 10 Creators update

We have the same issue on a few clients with customized welcome page. Yesterday I searched for the registry entry on one of the clients but there is no notes.exe entry und Image File Execution Options. Wich notes.ini entry should be removed?

4Daniel Nashed  03.06.2017 16:08:05  Notes Client/Windows Crash with Windows 10 Creators update


you can find the official status here -->

So the current schedule is Q3. I don't have more details yet.

They ship when they are ready. That's part of the new strategy. They have identfied what they want to put into FP9 and IBM is working on it.

It's better to have a stable version than to urge on hitting a certain comitted exact release date.

-- Daniel

5Daniel Nashed  03.06.2017 16:12:56  Notes Client/Windows Crash with Windows 10 Creators update

@Marcus, I put this blog post out in a hurry at DNUG conference after speaking with the developer.

There is no notes.ini parameter. It should read, remove the registry parameter.

Thanks for the question/feedback! I will update the blog post.

-- Daniel

6Manuel Nientit  07.06.2017 17:21:01  Notes Client/Windows Crash with Windows 10 Creators update


I was so brazen to quote you in our Blog-entry about the same about the same problem (See "Website"). Hope that is okay for you?

7Lars Berntrop-Bos  19.06.2017 14:28:54  Notes Client/Windows Crash with Windows 10 Creators update

Guess I am lucky: No problems across Win10 Creators update, both x32 and win64 processors. Using an old single core processor with 2Gb RAM, a slightly more modern i5 dual core with 8 GB RAM, and a AMD Phenom 4 core with 12 GB RAM

Caveat: I always tune the JVM in thus:

between (on the 2 GB machine):




and (4GB or more)




I have never encoiuntered the bluescreen.

8Mathias Schmidt  26.06.2017 9:21:58  Notes Client/Windows Crash with Windows 10 Creators update

Do you know if there will be a hotfix for FP8 available to solve this problem before FP9 will be released?

best regards


9Helmut Sproll  27.06.2017 20:57:30  Notes Client/Windows Crash with Windows 10 Creators update

According to IBM support its a confirmed Windows issue with "Win32kFull.sys" which Microsoft plans to fix till end of June



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