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Daniel Nashed


Notes Client/Windows Crash with Windows 10 Creators update

Daniel Nashed  3 June 2017 14:36:03
Just got that question today at DNUG. There is an issue with the Notes Client with the current Windows 10 Update - aka Creators Update (Build 1703).

According to the responsible person who is at DNUG today, this happens because of changed Windows graphics APIs.
IBM is working on a fix which will be available in FP9.

FP9 will also have full High Resolution support! We saw a demo with FP9 which really looked great!

Here are the two relevant SPRs:

SPR LHEYALMCEP : Domino Designer crashes the OS after Windows 10 Creators update [For Designer BSOD issue]
SPR AYAVALMCJK : Windows 10 Creators update and OS crashes while using Notes/Designer

IBM said that you should remove the following registry setting to avoid the blue screen after the Notes Client start.
(Updated: By mistake I wrote notes.ini parameter but correct is registry setting which might not exist).

-- snip --

Delete this registry entry and the crash should go away

PageHeapFlags, VerifierFlags from
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\notes.exe  

-- snip --

Ram also said that the problem is not impacting all configurations and the other bug is not happening very often.

So I hope that if you updated your Windows 10 environment already, your are not running into this issue or the temporary work-around helps you.

Another Update I got in comments  of my posts is that this happened often with customized welcome pages.

Note: I updated the blog post and got a replication/save conflict. So I deleted and added the post again because the blog template does not like replication/save conflicts.
Some comments might be lost but I added them to the post anyway. Thanks for your feedback!

--. Daniel



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