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Daniel Nashed

Notes Client FP Installs fail starting 20.4.2018

Daniel Nashed – 24 April 2018 07:38:04
Since 20.4.2018 Notes Client Feature Pack Installations are failing.
I got the first report on Friday and another customer pinged me on Monday.

And we are discussing among partners about this issue.

One partner reported that updates from FP9 to FP10 still work for him. But all other updates are failing.

IBM state that this isn't an issue with FP7 or FP8. But I have not verified that.

The root cause is that signatures for some plug-ins cannot be verified any more because the certificate validation expired.

It's not just one plug-in that fails and you might have a different plug-in that is reported to cause the error.

Here is the error message that you see n the Eclipse logs: NotAfter: Fri Apr 20 01:59:59 CEST 2018

If you turn back the time to an earlier date it's still works. But this isn't a work-around I would suggest.

There is another work-around to temporary allow expired certificates of signatures during install and enable it afterwards.

You would need to add the following setting to plugin_customization.ini and revert the setting back after installation.


But again this is also just a work-around.

IBM is aware of the issue and posted a technote ->

They are working on a solution. The technote says that they don't know exactly what is causing the issue. We have to wait for their update.

And I would recommend to wait before updating your clients until a fix is available instead using the work-arounds.

Update April 26, 2018:

IBM/HCL posted an update today in the TN. They found the issue, fixed it and hopefully if QE testing is successful we will have a fix soon.

@Marc, see they are posting an update for 9.0.1 FP9, FP10, Current MAC 64bit Client and also 8.5.3 FP6!
So the update for FP9 will be first and the other versions follow soon!

Here are the details from the update:

We have found a solution for the certificate issue for all products and versions. Please see the eGA for each product and version in the table below. Please note this is subject to change depending on the outcome of our QE Testing.
Product Version                                  Projected eGA
Notes Client 853FP6IF16                    Tuesday May 1, 2018
Notes Client 901FP9IF2                 Friday April 27, 2018
Notes Client 901FP10IF3                 Beginning of May 2018
MAC 64-bit IF15                         Tuesday May 1, 2018
Sametime Standalone 9.0.1 FP1         Beginning of May 2018

-- Daniel



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