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Daniel Nashed

Notes Client all languages in one package

Daniel Nashed – 12 June 2020 12:22:51
To include  dictionaries was very high on my personal priority list for a while.
I don't want to install a German client just to have German spell-checking.

And this is true for may customer environments who need multiple languages.

And I customer asked me about multi language kits today.

We have many different kits today per languages + MUI packs.

What we have today is complicated and confusing.

I found an AHA idea asking for packs that include all languages.

And I really like the idea to have one English version with all dictionaries and one kit that contains all languages!

The idea has 7 votes today ->

If you think this would simplify deployments and just adds a bit more of space, add yourself to the wish-list item ;-)

And I would be very interested to hear your feedback.
I am not really a client guy. But I run into those kind of things quite often in customer deployments.

-- Daniel



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