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Daniel Nashed

Notes 10.0.1 G2 Languages available for download

Daniel Nashed – 28 January 2020 20:59:33
As posted earlier, HCL is delivering the other Group languages for 10.0.1 first, before shipping Notes 11.0 languages.
The Group 2 languages are available on Flexnet download.

I can see the downloads for the different kits for:

- Arabic
- Czech
- Dutch
- Polish
- Swedish
- Russian

If you are looking for the Group 1 languages, they all have been shipped as MUI packs 15.8.2019.

HCL Notes v10.0.1 Multilingual User Interface Group 1
HCL Notes Client 10.0.1 Basic Configuration Multilingual User Interface Windows Group 1
HCL Notes v10.0.1 Multilingual User Interface Group 1

Notes 11 is available in English, German and also Japanese. The other languages are now following step after step as HCL as posted here -->

-- Daniel



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