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Daniel Nashed

New Notes Online Meeting integration

Daniel Nashed – 5 May 2021 05:51:02
His is awesome news announced at NCUG.
This new integration will be available for Notes 11.0.1 FP3 and higher implemented into your Notes mail template.

I haven't seen it myself but two fellow HCL Ambassadors have already blogged about it.

There are changes required in the Notes back-end code to make it work.

But beside that it's implemented on template level.
From what I understood so far the installer/config tool will change the template.

This will be available soon on GitHub as Cormac wrote in his blog post.

I had no chance to look at it on my own. But from what I read and heard this will be easy to integrate.

Have a look at Cormac's and Roberto's posts for details.

Huge thanks to the team at HCL who implemented it!!

This is very important functionality -- especially those days with all the on-line meetings.

Update: There is also a video from NCUG with a lot of details and demo!

-- Daniel



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