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Daniel Nashed


New DBMT Switches in Domino 10

Daniel Nashed  26 October 2018 17:44:55
There are new abbreviated command line switches in Domino V10.
They are helpful if you have to type them in manually and because the dbmt compact command line has a limit of 128 bytes.

It was in discussion earlier and finally made it into Domino V10.

Beside those abbreviated commands there are also 3 new command-line switches are documented below.
-ods is not yet documented in the dbmt -help command but the other two have been added.

Additional info:

-ods does only compact databases which are not on the current ODS. And it will skip databases with the current ODS.

But databases with the wrong database class (which have been creates with a .ns7 earlier etc like some help databases) still need a compact -upgrade.

dbmt has one big advantage. databases get their space pre-allocated.

See this post for details -->

-- Daniel

Abbreviated DBMT switches

-nocompactlimit (-ncl)
-blacklist (-bl)
-force (-f)

-range (-r)
-ftiNdays (-fnd)
-ftiThreads (-ft)
-compactNdays (-cnd)
-compactThreads (-ct)
-timeLimit (-tl)
-updallThreads (-ut)
-stopTime (-st)

New Command-Line switches

-ods -- causes compacted dbs to be upgraded to the current ODS level

-blackList  specify a .ind file containing databases not to be compacted

-nounread        do not update unread tables



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