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Daniel Nashed


Namelookup cache issue in Domino 8.x / 8.5

Daniel Nashed  8 April 2009 16:07:14

There is an issue reported as SPR #JCHS7NWPT6. for a namelookup issue with the new namelookup model which has been introduced to optimize the way the namelookup cache is refreshed.
The new model allows more granular control of how the cache is refreshed. There is a known issue that specially affects larger Domino servers which causes the server to crash due to a leak.

I would recommend to disable the new namelookup feature until 8.5.1 by setting notes.ini NLCACHE_VERSION=2 
This way you stay with the already save and proven namelookup code.
The new default for 8.5 is NLCACHE_VERSION=4 but you should stay with the older version 2 until 8.5.1.
TN #1370203 describes this issue but has no reference to the NLCACHE versions and the work-around yet.

-- Reference -- 

Introduced in Domino 7.0.3 and 8.0, the NLCACHE_VERSION=4 notes.ini
variable is a fix to an enhancement to the NAMELookup cache that
invalidates individual entries rather than entire groups. This enhancement
is not enabled by default, and will only be enabled if the NAMELookup cache
version has been increased to 4 by setting the value of this variable to 4.
The default setting for the NAMELookup cache in Domino 7.x / 8.0.x is version 2.

-- Daniel



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