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Daniel Nashed


Named Document instead of profile documents since Notes/Domino 12.0.1

Daniel Nashed  24 June 2023 10:20:39
Profile documents are a good way to store static information, which should be cached and ready fast without a view lookup.
But sometimes profile documents are not the right feature to use.

There is a new functionality in Notes/Domino 12.0.1 to have a named note, which isn't a profile doc.
This functionality is used in Admin Central in Domino 14 to store some information that is updating and should not be cached like a profile doc.

It requires a Notes 12.0.1 or higher client and is documented here -->
Here is a simple example:
        Dim session As New NotesSession
        Dim db As NotesDatabase
        Dim doc As NotesDocument
        Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
        Set doc = db.GetNamedDocument ("MyNamedDoc")
        ForAll X In Doc.Items
                MessageBox x.Name + ": "+ x.text
        End ForAll


1Mark Maden  04.07.2023 12:13:22  Named Document instead of profile documents since Notes/Domino 12.0.1

Thanks Daniel,

Do you have any examples on where you would use profile document compared to a named document or is it is as simple as Profile Documents for static data, Named Document for reading and writing - dynamic data.

HCL imply named documents are a replacement for profile documents. a functional replacement for profile documents used previously.

2Daniel Nashed  04.07.2023 14:34:55  Named Document instead of profile documents since Notes/Domino 12.0.1

@Mark, named documents are something new and not a replacement. You should continue to use profile documents.

But there are some special cases where you might need a more often changing document, which should not be cached.

Profile docs are also cached in the thread. Which can be challenging for web applications, because you don't control which HTTP thread gets the agent.

In general if you don't know what to use this for, you are well suited with profile docs.

-- Daniel



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