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Daniel Nashed


Named Document instead of profile documents since Notes/Domino 12.0.1

Daniel Nashed  24 June 2023 10:20:39
Profile documents are a good way to store static information, which should be cached and ready fast without a view lookup.
But sometimes profile documents are not the right feature to use.

There is a new functionality in Notes/Domino 12.0.1 to have a named note, which isn't a profile doc.
This functionality is used in Admin Central in Domino 14 to store some information that is updating and should not be cached like a profile doc.

It requires a Notes 12.0.1 or higher client and is documented here -->
Here is a simple example:
        Dim session As New NotesSession
        Dim db As NotesDatabase
        Dim doc As NotesDocument
        Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
        Set doc = db.GetNamedDocument ("MyNamedDoc")
        ForAll X In Doc.Items
                MessageBox x.Name + ": "+ x.text
        End ForAll



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