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Daniel Nashed


    Multi-Threaded Replicator in 8.5.2

    Daniel Nashed  6 October 2010 19:46:13

    In Notes 8.5.2 there is a very nice and new feature to have multiple replications going on at the same time.
    It was not clear to me how many replications would be started at the same time and if it is tunable.

    Right now it works as it is and you cannot configure it to have more replications at a time.

    - There is one thread for outgoing mail
    - One thread for mail file replication
    - And there is one replication going on per server.

    This should really improve replication performance if you have multiple databases to replicate.

    Replication is a client/server operation with some latency. It should not max out a normal internet connection.
    The more latency you have the more it is important to run multiple replicators at the same time.

    It helps to shorten the time the total replication process needs to go thru all databases.
    In total the consumed network will not increase but the replicator will leverage more bandwidth of your connection.
    By intention only one replication per server (beside the mailfile and outgoing mail) is performed to ensure there is not too much load added to a server.




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