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Daniel Nashed


Moving documents to a different folder with one click

Daniel Nashed  24 January 2023 09:36:49

The Notes @Formula language is one of the underestimated gems in Notes in general.
There are so many powerful formulas and commands, which could be even used by a power user without a design client.

I just needed a simple way to move invoices to a dedicated folder to have them available for taxes etc.

The following command will move documents from the existing folder to the "Invoices" folder.
You have to create the folder once. But then it's just a single smart icon click to move one of more documents to a different folder.
This also works from within a document.

You could add followup flags as well if you add the command to the same action button before the command:

@Command( [FolderDocuments] ; "Invoices" ; "1" )

In my case I just want a folder with all my incoming invoices.
Next step is to sort them by date and detach the attachments to disk :-)

There are so many very simple to use helpful @formulas.
Maybe this inspires you to find your own productivity improving commands...

-- Daniel



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