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Daniel Nashed

Moving a Traveler Server to a new box

Daniel Nashed – 1 July 2010 07:17:55

I have been running my productive Traveler installation on a small PC in a VMware Server environment. The box was quite old and had not much resources.
So I decided to finally get a real server hardware (Lenovo TS200 -- a very nice and not really expensive piece of hardware which is ESXi 4.0 supported).

I was surprised how smooth the migration went. I first thought about migrating the VMware image but the installation was on XP.
So I installed a Win2003 R2 64bit Server, installed the Domino Server and the Traveler server in the same path I had on my old box.

after I shutting down the Domino server I just copied the following files to the new machine:

*.nsf files (system databases including LotusTraveler.nsf)
keyring files
traveler/ntsdb (couldscape based state database)

Than I gave the VMware instance the IP of the previous instance and started the server.

So the key point here is the cloudscape based state database. without copying the database all devices would have needed a complete re-sync.
Also I decided to not copy any of the changed Traveler configuration that I did over the last couple of weeks and started with a clean install.
Depending on your changes you might need to copy also data/traveler/cfg/NTSConfig.xml.

This is really not much more complicated than moving a normal Domino server.

-- Daniel


1Tony K  01.07.2010 14:02:03  Moving a Traveler Server to a new box

Have you dealt with any larger organizations running Traveler servers that required more than one server and automatically load balancing activations across them?

2Daniel Nashed  01.07.2010 16:10:34  Moving a Traveler Server to a new box

@Tony, the largest environment I work with right now is around 600-700 users.

You can handle at least 800-1000 users with a reasonable sized machine.

There is no simple way to do a kind of load-balancing or failover yet.

Traveler supports Mail-Server Clusters and is fully cluster aware. But Traveler itself right now is not cluster or failover enabled.

So if you have a larger organisation with more users you need to split them to multiple Traveler servers. you could do this also by location.

We have also customers running Traveler centralized for remote Domino Servers and have their mobile users accessing a central Traveler server.

If you have smaller locations this might be the way to go for reducing the number of servers.

But if you have multiple data centers with Mailservers and internet connectivity you should have at least in EMEA, USA and Asia separate Traveler Servers next to the Mail-Servers to reduce the latency between the mobile devices the servers and back.

-- Daniel

3Tony K  02.07.2010 13:20:12  Moving a Traveler Server to a new box

We will easily have thousands to support on Traveler around the world. Thanks for your reply!

4Harald Gärttner  08.07.2010 9:49:50  Moving a Traveler Server to a new box

Thanks ... very helpful information as we just had to re-install a traveler server.

In regards of the cloudscape database we copied




to the new system and left out the


which had over 70.000 files and would have taken ages to copy.

All went fine and the sync restartet on all devices were it had stopped the moment were our server had crashed. Only in one case we had to restart a device to get it to sync again (with a total of 120 devices)


5Ivo van Ommeren  22.10.2010 12:41:15  Moving a Traveler Server to a new box

Hi Daniel,

We want to move to a new box and move from traveler 8.5 to release 8.5.2 also.

I would like to know if I should copy all the files in \data\traveler\cfg\*



or is the \data\traveler\ntsdb\* content enough ?

Do I need all the files in \data\traveler\cfg\* and \data\traveler\map\* to prevent the +400 users for an initial sync.


6Luc Paquet  18.06.2012 14:12:52  Moving a Traveler Server to a new box

Is there a way to move only a portion of our users to a new server? We need to do that because of a server overload.


7Lend A Box  13.01.2014 5:41:09  Moving a Traveler Server to a new box

Thanks for your beyond belief blogs stuff.

8Gaurav N  12.06.2017 15:04:54  Moving a Traveler Server to a new box


I have to migrate DB server in HA environment. Could you please assist what impact it would have at user end , when I build new build DB server and then point HA pool to use new DB server. What other changes I need to make in traveler server.


9Daniel Nashed  01.07.2017 13:44:14  Moving a Traveler Server to a new box


if you don't let Traveler move the data to the external state DB all users have to resync.

And if you have enabled that devices need to be confirmed, you will have to confirm devices again because also the security records would be lost.

Taking over the data from the local derby db is easy. You configure the server to use the new JDBC remote connection and at next startup the server will move the data and afterwards start in HA mode.

It will take some time depending on the number of users, devices and the most important the number of entries in the state-db. And the server will be down until the migration has finished!

-- Daniel



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