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Daniel Nashed

Moving a Traveler Server to a new box

Daniel Nashed – 1 July 2010 07:17:55

I have been running my productive Traveler installation on a small PC in a VMware Server environment. The box was quite old and had not much resources.
So I decided to finally get a real server hardware (Lenovo TS200 -- a very nice and not really expensive piece of hardware which is ESXi 4.0 supported).

I was surprised how smooth the migration went. I first thought about migrating the VMware image but the installation was on XP.
So I installed a Win2003 R2 64bit Server, installed the Domino Server and the Traveler server in the same path I had on my old box.

after I shutting down the Domino server I just copied the following files to the new machine:

*.nsf files (system databases including LotusTraveler.nsf)
keyring files
traveler/ntsdb (couldscape based state database)

Than I gave the VMware instance the IP of the previous instance and started the server.

So the key point here is the cloudscape based state database. without copying the database all devices would have needed a complete re-sync.
Also I decided to not copy any of the changed Traveler configuration that I did over the last couple of weeks and started with a clean install.
Depending on your changes you might need to copy also data/traveler/cfg/NTSConfig.xml.

This is really not much more complicated than moving a normal Domino server.

-- Daniel



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