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Daniel Nashed

Meet me at Engage 2024, April 22-24 in Antwerp

Daniel Nashed – 11 February 2024 14:57:21

Engage is one of my two conference highlights every year along with DNUG conference.
The year went by so quickly again. But a lot happened in the past year.

I am looking forward to another great conference and meet many of you and also discuss about projects I am working on.

For all details about the conference and registration check the homepage ->

Looking forward to see you at Engage!


My Sessions

The main session will be about the new Domino 14.0 AutoUpdate feature.
I am also part of the Linux round table session joining Bill and Thomas.

Domino on Linux and specially also Domino on Linux container environments have been a big part of my work in 2023.

But there have been a couple of other projects I am involved with. Including some new OpenSource projects as listed below.
Some of the projects might play a role in other sessions. Like the container project will be part of Martjin's Domino container session.

The following are the main projects with some sub projects I am mainly working on.

HCL OpenSource GitHub projects

Domino Container

Domino Certificate Manager (CertMgr)

Domino Backup

Domino One Touch Setup

Domino Linux

Nash!Com GitHub projects

Domino Start Script

Contains also

New Domino Download Script
Domino Container control (domctl)

Domino Borg Backup Integration V2.0

nsh-c-icap integration

Domino Install Project

Nash!Com Tools

Contains multiple tools. See project sub-readme files for details




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