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Daniel Nashed

Lotus Traveler email Antivirus

Daniel Nashed – 23 January 2012 07:29:01

The Mail-Routing Configuration for a Traveler Server uses the home-mail server of the user to send outgoing mail.
But in some customer scenarios the home-mail server does not run antivirus software to scan emails.

If you have separate gateway servers scanning your inbound and outbound mail traffic there is a new Traveler setting that can help.
You can configure servers used for outbound mail instead of using the mail-server.
This setting will send outbound mail directly to the configured servers.

The settings OUTBOX_MAIL_SERVERS in TrueSyncServer section of NTSConfig.xml. It is a comma delimited list of servers. 

Example Configuration:


<PROPERTY NAME="OUTBOX_MAIL_SERVERS" VALUE="gateway-server1/Srv/Acme, gateway-server2/Srv/Acme"/>

All mail will be routed thru those servers.

There is still one gap for sent messages. The messages will be saved to the end-user mailfile without any way of active anti-virus scan.
Currently you can only periodically scan all mail databases for viruses.

There is no current plan for integrating Anti-virus support for Lotus Traveler.
But development is thinking about a new option to save "sent" messages without the attachment.
This way no anti-virus scanning is needed for "sent" messages.

In most of the cases there are no attachments being send from a mobile device. So I don't see it as a high risk right now. But it is still a gap.

From my point of view this new setting and the planned new option to not save the attachment in "sent" messages does fit most customer environments.
What do you think?

-- Daniel



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