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Daniel Nashed

Looking forward to DNUG in Darmstadt next week

Daniel Nashed – 15 June 2018 14:43:23

IMHO this DNUG will be the most interesting DNUG we had for years.
Our track for Notes/Domino isn't the only interesting track. I also saw many interesting other sessions poping up in my Facebook stream the last days which I did not spot on the agenda (DNUG gave all the speakers a graphic to use for their session).
There are great guys coming from the development side. At Engage in Rotterdam those have been the most interesting and refreshing sessions at the conference.
"HCL" is the new "Iris inside" branding and those guys want to deliver functionality that we are waited for!
If you have the chance to attend, you should go!  IBM and specially HCL is looking for feedback and they are very open to answer questions.
Beside the technical sessions we planned round table sessions and you will be able to see and feel the new Notes client on iPad (aka Nomad). The beta is about to be shipped and the Notes/Domino first round of beta is planned for this month as well. I am pretty sure we will at least see some live demos and hear about the current feature list.
As said before Notes/Domino 10 is just the beginning of the new journey. Domino 11 has been mentioned before and is currently planned for 2019. Mike Gagnon from HCL has a technical session about Domino 10 and beyond!

If you still bleed yellow DNUG next week is the place to be!
For DNUG members the conference this year is free again. And I still have my personal ticket to give away, because as a speaker and track manager I can give away my personal ticket.

-- Daniel



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